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Plastic poses a threat to nature, so we must be aware together and look for environmentally friendly alternatives:

✓ Straws - not necessarily plastic. There are reusable ones that you can conveniently carry in your handbag or backpack - bamboo, straw, metal or paper.

✓ Tableware and tools - not necessarily plastic. Alternatives are paper, cane or wooden.

✓ Dishes for takeaway - of course, we would recommend first - to order as much as you will eat and not take it home. However, if the portion is more than you can afford, fortunately, the selection of biodegradable containers is constantly expanding. You can use stable cane containers that are waterproof and keep food warm for a long time. Another alternative is paper boxes, Chinese-style boxes or soup and salad cups, which look reliable and environmentally friendly.

✓ And finally - coffee cups - let's choose reusable or environmentally friendly disposable cups. When choosing cups, be sure to consider the lid. There are two options here: paper caps and PLA caps. The latter option looks like plastic and
allows you to peek inside the container before opening.

Let's create a sustainable and safe environment without plastic together!
"Radailaiu dvaro" collective

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