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Unbelievably fun entertainment awaits those staying at the "Radailii Manor" just a hundred meters away: 

- Dino Park where you can have fun all day long! Many attractions, climbing frames, roaring dinosaurs, a mini zoo and other entertainment are waiting for you! From December, the park will open its doors to the Light Kingdom of Glowing Dinosaurs! 

- An upside down house where you can take amazing Crazy photos! 

- There are many areas around, perfectly suited for outdoor leisure with the family: basketball, football fields, outdoor exercise equipment, outdoor trampolines, swings for children, gazebos with barbecues. Next to the restaurant, there is a huge castle - a children's playground - for the joy of children. You can use everything for free! 

- 10 minutes by car and you will reach our beautiful seaside... 

Nature, entertainment, delicious food - an unforgettable vacation at "Radailaii Manor"!

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