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We invite you to celebrate in the luxuriously furnished spaces of "Radailių dvaro". We are ready to organize every celebration of yours and it doesn't matter whether it will be celebratory, noisy, or comfortable among your dearest people.
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We invite you to celebrate your holidays in the luxuriously furnished spaces of Radailiai Manor. We are ready to organize each of your celebrations in a solemn, or noisy, or even cosy in the tranquil circle.

From the many different spaces and banquet halls at Radailiai Manor you can choose the most suitable for your celebration - weddings, christenings, celebrations, anniversaries, celebrations, corporate parties, birthdays, cosy holidays or dinners.

Our team is ready to take care of your celebration: individual menu for your celebration, table and party decoration, festive program, entertainment and accommodation. We will be your invisible assistants, who are ready to remove any organizational hassles that decisive day you can enjoy the holiday and your loved one's attention.

 – Spacious and luxuriously furnished banquet halls can accommodate 20, 30 guests, 70 if you choose round tables, and 120 guests in the buffet style event.

 – Halls are suitable for organizing events and conferences with up to 50 guests.

 – For cosy family celebrations which contain up to 10 people - will ideally fit in the private enclosed space at Radailių manor restaurant.

 – On the ground floor in the restaurant, with a panoramic view of the pond and the park, 150 guests can sit under the umbrellas.

 – The outdoor terrace on the second floor with a panoramic view of the manor pond can accommodate 70 guests.

 – Floating terrace in the manor pond for up to 10 persons. Organize a celebration or a gala dinner on the water.

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