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Only 7 km from Klaipėda and you find yourself surrounded by the majestic "Radailių dvaros" complex.

In the picturesque 4 ha "Radailaii dvaro" park you will find:

- Dino Park;

– An upside down house;

– Restaurant;

– Apartments;

– SPA (pools and saunas, perfect for families, massages and body rituals);

– Conference halls;

– Different banquet halls;

– Outdoor terrace;

– Floating terrace in the manor pond;

– A luxurious villa for both holidays and overnight stay. 


Our staff will allow you to enjoy the celebration and will take care of all organizational issues: individual menu according to your wishes, decoration of tables and halls, entertainment and accommodation for guests!


Visitors are attracted by the impressive landscape of the restaurant, its elegant setting on a slope supported by hundred-year-old oaks, the soothing whistling of the ponds and the opening panorama of the park of meditative beauty. Here, the western tradition of buildings, melancholic romance of the environment, heroic neighborhood of dinosaurs and happy mood of entertaining people combine very organically.

Immerse yourself in light and carefree joy in "Radailaii dvar"! We're waiting for you!

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