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Welcome to Spa Radailiai. We strive to provide you with the best relaxation and relaxation in our spa, so we want to introduce you to some rules that will help you feel at ease.

  • You are in a spa where every customer is welcome and respected. We hope that you will have the same respect for our professionals, staff and other clients who are currently in the SPA centre with you.

  • It is a pity, however, that the number of seats in the spa centre is limited, so please register for massage, body and face treatments in advance by phone: +370 699 83199.

  • Trust our specialists - feel free to contact us and ask for advice on what procedure to choose. Name your expectations and desires to stay happy with the result.

  • When choosing a procedure or massage - be careful if you are waiting for a baby, you have certain allergies or injuries, or have you recently undergone surgery? Tell all possible information, because not every procedure is appropriate for everyone.

  • If you are currently having a cold, you get fevered or you are just about to give up the spa treatments after the illness.

  • Please arrive 10-15 min. before the procedure, you can dress up in comfortable clothes (we will have a bathrobe, tapes and disposable briefs for you - if necessary, you can stay with your lingerie, but keep in mind that it will be smeared with cosmetics), relax and rejoice in the Radailiai Spa atmosphere.

  • If you are late in the procedure, please let us know by phone. If you are late, unfortunately, we will have to shorten your procedure time.

  • When you come to us, try to relax - after all, it's time for your rest.

  • Our staff will meet you before the procedure at the reception and will take you to the office where you will be conducting the procedure. The specialist will tell you about the procedure, its effectiveness and duration.

  • Don't be surprised, a specialist may ask a few questions about your health status and peculiarities in order to make the right procedure for you.

  • We recommend that you remove the jewellery before each procedure to avoid wasting time in the massage room.

  • Please wear a swimsuit and special suit (rubber straps) in the spa and swimming pool area.

  • Please do not carry electronic devices (mobile phones, tablets and laptops, etc.) into massage cabins, pool and sauna areas, leave them in the cabinet. Take your time for yourself and your rest.

  • It is not recommended to do the procedure with an empty stomach, or just after a meal, because it can get worse. Snack at least an hour before the procedure.

  • Do not use the spa center if you drink alcohol. Sorry, but alcohol and spa are incompatible, so we reserve the right not to go into the procedure, not to enter the pool and sauna area if you are drunk. All just for your health.

  • Avoid shaving and depilatory procedures on the same day visiting the Spa Radaili, especially if you promise to enjoy body scrubbing procedures, visit the baths.

  • We recommend that you do without facial treatments for facial treatments.

  • Massage and other body and facial treatments are carried out on the naked body, but the invisible areas will be covered with towels and sheets.

  • If you are not satisfied with the procedure - room temperature, music, the strength of the massage - speak to our specialist. In this way, we can ensure that the procedure will be performed flawlessly.

  • Please do not leave your children unattended in the spa center, pool and sauna area. You are responsible for the safety of your children.

  • Although our pools are not very deep, please be critical of your ability to swim and be careful. Let's protect ourselves and others.

  • After the procedure, do not hurry anywhere, slowly rise from the massage bed and be sure to tell if you feel bad. Our specialist will accompany you back to the reception, offer tea and leave you alone to enjoy the procedure.

  • We look forward to hearing your comments and comments on what we do well, or where we should "pull" more. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and we will advise you on the course of the procedure.


We are happy that you have chosen us, we wish you a good rest and always look forward to returning!

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