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Price: - €12 / 1 session. 30 min. 

Children’s massage is for children from 2 to 14 years old. Building the foundations of health for the entire life right since the young days. As children grow, their bone system develops faster than their muscles or ligaments, sometimes resulting in pain, apathy, reduced flexibility, lordosis, kyphosis, torticollis and other illnesses, which impair children’s posture.


The little ones also experience nervous tension, stress, mental and physical strain, so be sure that a gentle and professional massage will have a calming effect and relax your child, strengthening his or her immune system and helping to recover after serious illnesses. 


Price: - €10 / 1 session. 20 min.

Baby massage for 1.5-24 month babies. Parents need to know that their baby is growing healthy and strong. The development of bones, muscles and ligaments is inconsistent, which may result in an irregular position of the spine, shoulder girdle or hips. The purpose of this individual massage is to improve the blood circulation, reduce those tedious tummy cramps, relax tense or strengthen weak baby muscles. Baby massage can be relaxing or stimulating – depending on the needs or the development stage of your little one. Individual massages are recommended since 2 months old.


Price: €19 / session 30 min. 


Head, neck and shoulder massage is very effective in eliminating fatigue and stress. Recommended for anyone with a sedentary job.


Price: €42 /1 h


This refreshing and energizing massage will restore your strength and is an excellent way to relax after a long day’s work.  Intensive and deep moves of this massage activates your blood circulation and metabolism. The intensity of the massage is individual, considering the patient’s condition, complaints and desired results.


Price: €39  /1 h 


A relaxing massage is one of the most popular forms of massage all over the world. It’s a gentle and relaxing procedure, which restores your body’s harmony and helps you relax after work, eliminating stress, tension and diving into positive emotions.


A relaxing massage is recommended for those, who experience constant stress, works in a position, which is difficult mentally or physically, or is constantly fatigued. A massage improves blood circulation and metabolism, regenerates muscles, helps to relax and restores the lost mental and physical strength.


Price: €20 /  30 min.


Relaxes back muscles and removes stress. Recommended for anyone, who work standing, sitting or engage in lots of physical activity every day.



Price: €19 / 30 min.


A foot is a sort of a body map. Foot massage corresponds to a whole body or internal organ massage. It involves stimulating certain points on your feet, thus trying to activate the internal organs. This kind of a massage will help restore your inner harmony and well-being.


Price: €19 / 30 min.


This massage is an effective way to maintain a healthy, youthful and supple facial skin. It improves blood circulation, increases facial muscle tone, reduces stress, fatigue, headaches, improves emotional and physical well-being, and protects from new wrinkles.


Spa rituals for body include exceptional, innovative and particularly effective Spa procedures, providing fast and notable results since the very first procedure, conducted using professional Norden, Purles Spa cosmetics. All for your well-being, healthy body and firm, moisturised and glowing skin! 


Price: €60/1 h 30 min.


The exotic scent will take you on a sunny trip somewhere warm, which you will carry with you after the procedure. The valuable jojoba and almond oils moisturise the skin, eliminating bumps, healing inflammations, stimulating skin rejuvenation and restore its elasticity. Each touch of the scrub is like a tempting desert for your skin, making it firm, smooth and incredibly radiant.


Price: €75/1 h 15 min.


You don't have to go to a warm resort with the sun and the sea to relax... Try ‘Nida’s Dunes’ body ritual – a unique set of treatments, which helps use the energy of amber, accumulated in millions of years, to strengthen the human body. Amber halts the processes of ageing, inhibiting sclerotic processes in the capillaries and improving the muscle tone. The nourishing exfoliating massage releases tension in muscles and mind. Amber mask wraps are unique wellness treatments, which not only relax, but also strengthen the body’s immune system.


Price: €60.00/1 h

The condition of our skin becomes particularly relevant in summer time or while preparing for a special occasion. You want to look and feel perfect. Vacuum massage for problematic skin areas, stretch marks and cellulite gel will help you. Relax and enjoy the harmony of your body and soul.


Price: €50/1 h 15 min.

For men that are always on the go, with their hands full with all kinds of matters, and don't have much time – the ‘Titan’s Power’ toning and refreshing body treatment will help you relax, forget your troubles and take care of yourself. ‘Titan’s Power’ relaxing body ritual will help clear your thoughts, eliminate stress and restore your strength! The nourishing massage is excellent to release muscle and emotional tension.


Price: €95.00/2 h

Luxurious news! The luxury of gold and the charms of champagne make the perfect duo. This ritual will take you on an unforgettable journey of pleasure. Gold will make your skin suppler, looking youthful, firm and moisturised. Thanks to the 24 carat gold particles, used in Norden’s ‘Charms of Gold and Champagne’ cosmetic ritual, after the massages and wraps your skin will have a gentle golden glow and a pleasant aroma. This luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating SPA complex will wash away your fatigue and troubles for a long time, returning your youthful looks and glow.


Paraffin bath for hands – 12 EUR / 20 min.

Paraffin bath 15 EUR / 20 min.

The heat during paraffin therapy opens skin pores, ensuring that the active substances in the paraffin penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin of the hands or feet, nourishing, moisturising and creating a natural protection from the cold and harsh weather or your hands and skin.

The skin of your hands and feet will become soft and healthy. During the procedure, the paraffin heat relaxes the muscles, warming the hands and feet, relaxing them after a long day of work, reducing stress, calming and relieving pain, and increasing joint flexibility.




Price: €60.00 / 2 h

The scent of this treatment is refreshing and energising. The body scrub will remove dead skin cells, thus increasing your skin's ability to absorb the necessary substances. The red wine mask moisturises the skin, making it supple and pulsing with a red wine aroma. After the wrap, the treatment is concluded with a relaxing body massage, which will take you into an oasis of serenity.          


The treatment consists of: A feet bath + a body scrub + a body wrap with a red wine mask + make-up removal (if the facial massage is included) + facial or feet massage (at your choice) + a shower + a massage + phytotherapy (relaxing with a cup of tea) 



Price: €60.00 / 2 h

This beauty treatment will wrap your body in the amazing scent of chocolate. The chocolate and cherry scent duo reveals a range of scents that will lift your mood and enable you to dive into your dreams.

The body scrub using a cherry scrub will moisturise your skin and remove dead skin cells. The chocolate mask is known for its nourishing and detoxifying effect. The skin becomes fresh, smooth and supple.

Relaxing massage moves after the wrap will take you into an oasis of serenity...


The treatment consists of: A feet bath + a body scrub + a body wrap with a chocolate mask + make-up removal (if the facial massage is included) + facial or feet massage (at your choice) + a shower + a massage + phytotherapy (relaxing with a cup of tea).


Spa rituals for face include moisturising, nourishing, regenerating, firming and detoxifying treatments, performed with exclusive and innovative Norden, Purles cosmetics, enriched with sea minerals and microelements. For your bright and youthfully radiant skin and comprehensive care... For your well-being!

60 min. Price: 100.00


Mesotherapy is an effective facial treatment for those who want to keep the effect longer and seek to improve the healing of their skin by acting on the deeper layers. Mesotherapy is a facial treatment with needles. With the help of a special device, natural active substances are injected into the dermis, the deeper layer of the skin, which affects the skin, improving its attention.

Mesotherapy is especially effective when you are worried about wrinkles, aging skin, and dry skin, so you want to moisturize your skin not just as a result of a single visit to a cosmetologist, but last much longer. The skin of this facial treatment receives a lot of moisture and active substances, improves tone and elasticity, and improves the condition of sagging cheeks, double throat, overall skin tone, and elasticity, so the skin noticeably brightens, and begins to glow and looks like naturally healthy skin.

Because each person’s body and the condition of their face are different, it is difficult to determine a uniform number of procedures. However, according to studies performed by cosmetic manufacturers, the best results are usually observed after 4-5 procedures.

no special preparation is required upon arrival to the procedure - your skin will be taken care of by a cosmetologist.


45 min. Price: €35.00 


A moisturising and brightening facial treatment. The treatment involves using fruit acid, which promotes skin regeneration, brightens it and reduces fine wrinkles. The facial mask, used for the treatment, moisturises, soothes the skin and the massage helps nourish it with various vitamins. Your skin will become brighter and firmer right after the treatment!  ‘Hydra Peeling’ treatment fits all skin types and all age groups. Recommended course: 3-5 treatments (once a week). The treatment consists of: Foot bath + make-up removal + ‘Hydra Peeling’ facial scrub + skin toning + facial massage + alginate face mask + hand massage + cream + relaxing with tea.



45 min. Price: €44.00 


A rejuvenating anti-wrinkle facial treatment. This treatment involves using cosmetics with 56 active ingredients, which, introduced to skin, bring notable results already after the first treatment. The facial scrub removes dead skin cells, the serum with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid promotes cell regeneration, and the massage tightens the skin. This treatment makes skin brighter, restoring its youthful glow. ‘Age Summum’ treatment fits all skin types. We recommend it for people only above 30. 


The treatment consists of: Foot bath + make-up removal + facial scrub + introducing the serum to the skin + anti-wrinkle facial massage + brightening facial mask + hand massage + cream + relaxing with tea.


45 min. Price: €44.00 


This is a skin-firming, face-shaping and firming treatment for the face and the décolleté area. Brown algae extract moisturises the skin, firming it and helping to reduce fine winkles. The skin scrub brightens and regenerates the skin, while the cream, used during the massage, stimulates collage synthesis and lifts the skin. This treatment will make you relaxed and refreshed, while your skin will look bright, nourished and lifted.  This treatment fits all skin types and all age groups.


The treatment consists of: Foot bath + make-up removal + facial scrub + facial massage + introducing the serum + facial and décolleté area mask + hand massage + cream + relaxing with tea.


45 min. Price: €32.00 


This treatment is perfect for tired and swollen eyes. You will notice notable results in your eye area already after the first treatment. The massage, included into the treatment, tones and lifts your eye line, while the eye contour mask will refresh and restore their brightness. Your eyes will become more vibrant and brighter, while the dark circles will be replaced by a fresh look. This treatment fits all skin types and all age groups.


The treatment consists of: Feet bath + make-up removal + introducing serum into the skin + eye massage + eye mask + cream + hand massage + relaxing with tea.

Booking in advance is required! 


Bikini waxing
from €20 duration from 15 to 30 minutes.


LEGS depilation 
€30 duration from 15 to 30 minutes.


Underarm hair removal
10€ | duration from 10 to 20 min.


Facial depilation
5€ | duration 5 min.


WHOLE BODY depilation
60 € | duration about 1 hour

It's time to try wax depilation for you too, if you haven't done it yet, and you're still torturing yourself with razors! We promise that the results will please you after the first procedure, because you will have smooth and smooth skin without unwanted hair. After all, soft, well-groomed skin is a sign of sexual desire, good tone and modern style. Wax depilation is one of the most effective and widely used hair removal procedures.  Hairs grow back only after 3-4 weeks, and with constant repetition, they grow back more delicate and sparse. Long-term use of this depilation method significantly reduces the hairiness of certain areas of the body. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about shaving or depilatory creams, foams. This procedure is also great because it is suitable for any type of skin and any type of hair removal. Waxing can be used to remove hair from the entire body, including the most sensitive areas.

Pre-registration required! 

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