Radailiai Manor SPA welcomes you in all weather and on any day of the week alone, with your significant other, family or friends. Give yourself an opportunity to have an enjoyable time and relax with our services – you truly deserve that!

This cosy space will offer you an unforgettable experience:

- The jacuzzi – the best invention of all times – will make you feel like you’ll never want to leave it again.

- A sauna and a Turkish bath will immediately help you forget your daily troubles.

- And then enjoy full comfort, sipping some tasty tea at the lounge area with a heated bench.

If you think that it's all, here’s some more good news – you pleasure oasis also offers SPA treatments, face and body massages.

After all, loving yourself is no sin, so enjoy yourselves and recharge at Radailiai Manor SPA!


Apsilankymas SPA bendroje erdvėje. 

2 val.     3 val.     Neribotai

15€         17€         19€
10€         12€         13€
8€           10€         11€


Vaikams (7-16 m.)*

Vaikams (3-6 m.)*


*Nuo spalio 29 d.

Nuo Lapkričio 3d. 

30 % nuolaida Senjorams (nuo 65m.) visomis dienomis 

20 % nuolaida visiems darbo dienomis

(nuo pirmadienio iki penktadienio)

Nuolaidos nesumuojamos !

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