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spa rituals for the body

Spa Rituals for the body are exclusive innovative and highly effective Spa procedures that provide quick and clearly noticeable results after the first procedure, performed with professional Norden, , Purles Spa cosmetics. Good for your well-being, healthy state of the body and firm, moisturized, glowing skin! 


1 hour 30 minutes

Price: €60.00

The exotic aroma will take you on a journey to sunny warm lands, the sensations of which you will feel even after the procedure. The valuable jojoba and almond oils in the composition perfectly moisturize the skin, remove unevenness and heal inflammation, promote skin renewal and take care of the restoration of skin elasticity. Each touch of the scrub is like a tempting dessert for your skin, after which it will become elastic, smooth and incredibly radiant.


1 hour 15 minutes

Price: €75.00

When you really want to relax, it is not necessary to go to warm countries and look for sun and sea there... Try the "Nida dune" body ritual - a set of unique procedures that help to use the energy of amber accumulated over millions of years to improve human health. Amber stops aging processes, suppresses sclerotic changes in capillaries, improves muscle tone. A nurturing exfoliating massage relaxes the muscles, the mind from stress and emotional tension. Amber mask wraps are exclusive health treatments that not only relax, but also strengthen the body's immune system.


1 hour 

Price: €60.00

During the summer or when preparing for a special holiday, the skin of the body becomes very important. You want to look and feel flawless. In this case, a vacuum gel is used to help, intended for the care of problematic areas of the body's skin, as well as for the prevention of stretch marks and cellulite. Relax, calm down and feel the harmony of body and soul.


1 hour 15 minutes

Price: €50.00

We will help men who are always in a hurry, who don't have much time and who are drowned in countless things to relax, forget and take care of themselves for a while with the "Power of Titan" toning and revitalizing   body ritual. Body ritual "Power of Titan" will help you relax, clear your mind, get rid of stress and regain strength! The nurturing massage complex will perfectly relax your muscles and mind from stress and emotional tension.


2 hours

Price: €95.00

Luxury breathing news! The perfect duo - the luxury of gold and the magic of champagne. This ritual will take you on an unforgettable journey of pleasure. Gold will give the skin elasticity, it will look younger, tighter, moisturized, elastic. Thanks to the 24-carat gold particles included in Norden cosmetics' "Gold and champagne charms"  ritual, after massages and wrapping procedures, a light golden glow and a pleasant aroma will remain on the skin. This luxurious, relaxing and rejuvenating spa complex will wash away fatigue and worries for a long time, and restore a youthful appearance and radiance.


20 minutes

Paraffin hand bath - 12 EUR

Paraffin bath - 15 EUR

During paraffin therapy, the pores of the skin are opened with the help of heat, so that the active substances of paraffin penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin of the hands or feet, nourishing, moisturizing and creating a natural protection of the skin of the hands and feet against cold and cold weather.

The skin of hands and feet becomes soft and healthy after the procedure. During the procedure, the heat emitted by paraffin relaxes the muscles, warms the hands and feet, soothes and revives tired hands, reduces tension, soothes and relieves pain, and increases the flexibility of the joints.


Spa Ritual for the Body "Moment for Yourself"                 


1 h. 30 min.


Price: 50.00 €

It is a procedure for relaxation, escape from everyday life, routine and enjoy aromatic, moisturized, nourished and fresh skin. Body scrubbing removes dead cells, protects the skin from drying out. Relaxing aromatherapy massage takes you to the full trance state. After the procedure, you will feel relaxed, new strength and peace of mind.

The procedure includes: Foot bath + body scrub + shower + relaxing aromatherapy full body massage + phytotherapy (tea with relaxation).


Body wrap ritual with red wine mask "Sweet touch"            


2 h.


Price: 60.00 €


It is a procedure with a wonderful aroma of energy and energy. Body peeling removes dead cells, and the red wine mask moisturizes the skin, making it smoother and more elastic. After wrapping, you will enjoy a relaxing body massage that takes the thought to an oasis of tranquillity.


The procedure consists of: Foot bath + Dessert (if facial massage is performed) + Body scrub + Wrap with red wine + Face or foot massage (optional) + Shower + Relaxing full body massage + Phytotherapy (relaxation with tea).


Body wrap ritual with chocolate mask "Chocolate Dream"                      


2 h.


Price: 60.00 € 

It is a procedure that surrounds the body with an amazing breath of chocolate flavour. Chocolate, intertwined with a cherry aroma, reveals a range of scents that enhance your mood and allow you to dive into the sweat. A body scrub is done with cherry scrub - moisturizes the skin, eliminates dead body cells. The chocolate mask for the body has a nourishing and detoxifying effect. The skin becomes fresh, smooth and elastic. Relaxing massage moves after wrapping into an oasis of tranquillity.


The procedure includes: Foot bath + body scrub + wrap in chocolate mask + dessert (if facial massage is done) + facial or foot massage (optional) + shower + massage + phytotherapy (relaxation with tea)


*Pre-registration ir required.

Mob. number: +370 699 83199


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