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For elegant celebrations from 28 to 40 people

We are always looking forward to your arrival at "Villa Radailiai". We are ready to make your stay unforgettable.

Villa Radailiai is located on the former baths of Radailiai Manor. Completely reconstructed sauna area turned into a luxurious Vila Radailiai hall, where we can accommodate up to 40 guests and up to 70 people.

 ​Celebrate the memorable moments of life in a private "Radailių Dvaros" villa away from the hustle and bustle. When you choose a villa for your holiday, you will enjoy:
  • Privacy - the villa is located in the more remote area of "Radailių dvaros", you will have a private party yard;
  • High quality of service;
  • A menu of meals tailored to your wishes;
  • You will also use a private island in the pond, connected to the villa's courtyard by a romantic bridge. The island   is ideal for wedding ceremonies, photo sessions or simply for various games;
  • You will rest in newly, luxuriously and comfortably furnished rooms, where you will find: very large and comfortable beds, lounge areas, wide-screen TVs, air conditioning, private bathrooms with showers and toiletries, hair dryers. The rooms have outdoor terraces - balconies. In the spacious deluxe rooms you can enjoy whirlpool bathroom pleasures. bath.
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