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You can use the purchased gifts even until 31.07.2022.
Order by phone +370 699 83199 or e-mail by mail


Dovanos pasiūlymas dviems:
Nakvynė su vakariene ir neribotu SPA (135 €)

- Ištaigingas dvivietis kambarys;
- Gardūs ir sotūs pusryčiai;
- Neribotas apsilankymas baseinų ir pirčių erdvėje;
- Poilsis ant šildomo suolo su natūralia arbata iš gamtos;
- Dviejų patiekalų vakarienė

  - karštas patiekalas

  - desertas

  - pagardintas stalo vanduo.

Pasiūlymas negalioja gruodžio 31 dieną.


Gift vouchers for the sum
(50, 100, 200 €)

Let the person  decide how they would like to spend their time at Radailii Manor or Dino Park: visits to the spa area with saunas and pools, massages, dinner, visiting the Upside Down House or  Dino Park. Gift voucher - you will never be disappointed!



- Relaxing back and neck massage full of pleasant sensations and smells;

- Facial massage with a mask;

- Pampering hand massage;

-Rest with natural tea from nature.

 After a wonderful set of massages, your loved one will feel rested and relaxed, glowing both from the outside and from the inside, so give him something that will make him smile for a long time to come!

Duration of spa procedures: 75 min.


Overnight in a queen deluxe room with relaxing massages

- Rest in a luxurious Queen Suite room with a jacuzzi and a balcony-terrace (2 persons).

- Delicious breakfast (2 persons)

- Relaxing back and neck massages for two full of pleasant sensations and smells.

Duration of spa procedures: 30 min.

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